Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

When we glance over our shoulder at our history we see ourselves playacting as children, rehearsing what we’d always known we wanted to be.  Role-playing our future…

The child who, for hours on end, shapes pies and cakes from mud or soft Play-Doh…and thrives today in the bakery business… another wields paintbrush and fills the space of her paper with every color of the rainbow… and now directs an art studio.

The boy who bangs on pots and pans in his mother’s kitchen and grows up to be a drummer… the one who plays G.I. Joe in the backyard and joins the military as an adult… the girl who sings along with her record player and becomes a recording artist herself…

Not everyone makes a living at what they love doing - even though they may live to do it  – but they still recognize their passions and pursuits as a call in life.    

 "Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck.  Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling."
               ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Last week I asked the question here, “What did you want to be when you grew up?”   Most responses revealed that what we imagined ourselves to be as children is what we still are today.

Jessica did not become an astronaut, but she still seeks to explore the unknown and soar to heights unseen, metaphysically speaking. 

Orea did not become a nurse in a cool white dress and cap… or a nun.   But she’s still on the spiritual healing path.  

Kathy’s dream of living in a little stone cottage surrounded by hollyhocks and craggy rocks by the edge of a wild, windy sea never played out, but today she’s a writer who can live there - or anywhere she pleases - in her imagination.         

Corinne wanted be a housewife and writer.   And my response was… “It sounds like we are married to a house.”   Plus it makes us sound desperate!   So then we decide to come up with a better term: domestic engineer.   

Today Corinne is proud to announce that she is a recent graduate of June Cleaver College and is living her dream.   Give it up for the one and only Corinne Rodrigues!    

Chris is also following his bliss.  From a young age he’s known he wanted to be in the book industry.  And this is exactly what he’s doing today: reading for a living.  But he’s also a writer who is confident that the money will follow.       

Many of us are writers who blog.  Some publish in literary anthologies, journals, magazines, and some are authors of books.   But few of us have quit our day jobs yet.    

The vast majority of those who write are either little known
or unknown hoping to become little known  ~ Brian Doyle

So, given Van Gogh’s statement above that our profession is not necessarily our bread and butter, but rather a passion and a call in life, what is yours? 

What do you do out of pure joy?  And would continue to do if you never received a penny?   


  1. I love to write about and explore God at a doctrinal and experiential/spiritual level. I don't think I'll probably ever get paid for my reflections and writings but it matters little. My payment is just being able to get my thoughts and conclusions, the passages from Scripture and insights from writers I read that touch me, out there. To me, it's joyful to be able to share others what I discover and hear their experiences and discoveries as well.

    Another pursuit that I know I'll never get paid for doing is raising my children. I stay home right now and find joy in watching my children, tiny ambassadors in a new world, discover things every day. Their joy at the tiny, often overlooked, blessings in life, bring me joy.

    This was a great post Debra! :)

  2. i was thinking of this since yesterday debra... what drives me to do the things that i do? and is it all worth it? i wish those dream rehearsals could still be true... but God keeps blowing in different directions. I am what He wants me to be at the moment. I was His artist, musician,nurse and now am into blogging and assisting doctors in a medical journal...

    if i were given an opportunity to be who i really am, i'd continue the mission... i'll still gladly assist street children, in fact, that's one of the dreams i weaved with my boyfriend... let's see how God will see me through all this... :)

  3. Deep, sensitive, thoughtful and thought provoking as always Debra! i just dropped by to say hello and to wish you peace, love and light...because that's what you always bring to mind for me. This post strikes me as a beautiful, gentle call to the rest of us to check in with our inner child every now and then to remember who we are in spirit. I always dreamed of being a writer. And although 'the novel' has long been a WIP I have worked as a freelance journalist and now as a sometimes blogger. But I also always wanted to reassure people (animals and birds too) when they were scared or hurt and wished I could make them safe and happy. I guess, as a mother...that dream has certainly come true. And now that my children are growing up, I am training as a life coach...and maybe that was also inspired by my childhood dreams. Hmmm...thank you Debra for making me think this through. It is such an interesting exercise...and one I will certainly think a lot more about. Much love to you and yours!

  4. Great question Debra.

    While I don't gain any monetary compensation from my "Emails to God" or from my outreach, I consider the delight I receive in sharing Christ's message with others to be overwhelming compensation. "Pure Joy" is a wonderful description. :-)

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. Great post! While I do hope to get paid someday for my writing, I will keep doing it either way. It is my mission... my calling... my joy... I love to spread smiles with my rhymes! :)

  6. @ Jessica – You do such a splendid job at sharing your insights and spiritual teachings that it’s evident this is a call. What you do is worthy of payment, so think about someday publishing a compilation of your meditations and scripture texts. You never know… On motherhood: “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.” ~ Mildred B. Vermont

    @ Melissa – I hope and pray that you always follow the lead of the Spirit, as you’ve done thus far. You are what Mother Teresa said of herself:
    I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.
    ~Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    @ Rosemary – For some reason your comment here brought to mind these words from “Over the Rainbow.” …. “And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” I’ve always been a dreamer. That novel, the work in progress, can and will become a reality. There are ways to accomplish it, and I have some ideas that may interest you, so I’ll be in touch via FB messages, if that’s okay. I too find this contemplation of our life dreams and callings an interesting exercise. Like you said, it’s a gentle call to touch base with our inner child. And what I found in writing my novel is that it’s the voice of the child within each of us who is begging recognition and release.
    Wishing you blue birds and peace, love, and light in return.

    @ Phil – If sharing your letters to God is always a blessing to your readers, just imagine how God feels :) And even if you haven’t received monetary compensation, look at what you have received: eternal riches beyond compare. (1 Corinthians 2:9) Who knows, these prayers and stories may evolve into a collection for publication. I can see a copy on the book shelves now.

    @ Rachel – And it’s always a joy to read your comical rhymes. Consider yourself the new (female version) of Shel Silverstein! There’s a huge market for children’s book. Go for it girl!

  7. Wow...Beautiful dreams. I wish they all come true.

  8. Sailor, did you once play Popeye? Did you imagine yourself sailing the high seas when you were a child? May all your dreams come true too!

  9. Wonderful post - I love the way you weaved our early childhood dreams into who we are today. No matter what the path, many of us seem to find a way of manifesting those early dreams in our lives, one way or another.

    My passion and joy is writing, but I also love the numerous creative activities that come into my life. And then my TRUE passion - where I totally forget myself altogether - is travelling the world. I would do that full time if I could. When I'm travelling, the rules of my life fall away, the roles that I play disappear. I am one with nature and my only job is to open my mind, learn, take in. There's nothing like it.

  10. Thanks for this great post Debra and the comments it has generated. My greatest joy is when I am filled with Love/God/Spirit and am expressing Love in whatever way Love thinks is best, to my full potential. Whether it is in my work as a critical care nurse, or as a writer, or in giving loving hugs, I am happy to be an expression and communication of Love.

  11. I write for a living but I wouldn't write about that subject matter unless they paid me. Lol! I wish I got paid for writing poetry, fiction, or even for writing my blog, but I do it anyway. It's life's cruel joke... ;p

  12. Debra – I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, I fell into everything. After HS, there was college, which wasn't much of choice I made on my own. It was more or less expected. I did love reading (as noted before) and writing was something I did, by noting lines in books I read, but it wasn't something I considered as a passion. In college, all my dorm mates and 'hope chests', not me, no I didn’t even know what they were. Then there was the job I stumbled over – Investment Banking ( chapters here…) and then and then, I found myself living in London, homesick and so very far away from Southern California beaches when I discovered Par Avion paper thin blue paper and Mont Blanc pens. In those letters is where I found my voice. I would travel another decade and thousands of miles before enlightenment. Now I love the dream every day, one word at a time. As ever, love reading your words, they resonate and follow me around long after I've read. You are a gem of inspiration.

  13. I write and share my thoughts with the world and though I don't get paid for it, I love the feeling of penning down my emotions and the like-minded friends share their feedback to make it worthwhile. I connect with fellow dreamers and it gives me satisfaction and joy.

  14. @ Kirsten – I believe that the calls follow us no matter where we venture. It was easy to weave those childhood aspirations with the adult selves because some of them I know as blogging friends . Speaking of writing, I look forward to your weekly stories and images – such an amazing site you have. So I’d have guessed writing of you for sure. Traveling would allow for escape from the everyday scene with its responsibilities and such. I could use a change of scene myself!

    @ Linda – One visit to your site... hearing you read from your memoir (how inspiring was that!)…and journeying with you on the pilgrimage, what a rare treasure. While you were reading I could discern that you must be filled with Love, for your compassionate heart shone through your words. You are a true expression of light and love, and I’m so happy to have connected with you. *hugs*

    @ Sweepy Jean – I get it! Knowing your literary taste I understand. At least you are earning a living as a writer because most - particular poets and fiction writers - fall into the category of starving artist. We can’t cash contributor’s copies in at the bank. And magazines don’t pay much of anything. So you’re among the few whose day job is writing… and I’m sure whatever type of writing you do keeps your skills sharpened.

    @ Brenda – More often than not it takes a long time to discover passions. I’ve been down the same road as you: studies, jobs (waitressing, teaching, interpreting for the deaf, and finally teaching piano in my own home). So the road to individuation and discovering our passion gently unfolds over time. But yes indeed, you did find your writing voice! I don’t recall a single post over which I wasn’t smiling.

    @ Sulekkha - I think you’ve found your element in blogging, because you show such passion for writing and expressing your emotions in poetry and your thoughts in prose… which has gained you quite a following and much support in the blogosphere. It’s a great outlet for expression. And I’m sure you must find it therapeutic as well.

  15. I have recently started writing and it gives me immense pleasure to get feedback from my friends. I listen to music and read a lot too. I can be totally lost in them. I have always wanted to find love, have a good marriage with children. That didnt work for me though I have a beautiful son and I am yet to find love in a man but till that happens I am happy pouring my heart out in my writings. Lovely post Debra

  16. I will always write, even if I never see a dime of profit from it. Of course, I love my kids and I love being a home maker (or domestic engineer lol!) I also love teaching. I'm not doing it actively at the moment, but I will probably return to it at some point.
    I suppose I am blessed with three things I love to do, and would do with our without compensation!

  17. Rimy – You do live an abundant life, and blogging plays a big part of it all. I see that you have drawn many blogosphere friends to you through your words. Good music and books most likely fuel your love of writing, as they go hand in hand. Will be by to check on you soon, dear one.

    @ AmyBeth – Birds of a feather, you and me. Have you ever asked yourself why you are compelled to write? I ask this because, for me, it’s a driving force. Being a fellow mom my time is limited. If given the choice I’d allow writing to consume every waking hour. But I’d never trade motherhood for the world. I’m still looking forward to getting over to your site as soon as I can actually sit down and read without distraction.

  18. I always wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. I kid you not, I would actually read medical journals and diagnostic manuals when I was as young as 8! I was so fascinated by how the body should work, how things could go wrong, and how things could be fixed. I was a pre-med major at one time, but that was clearly not to be part of God's plan for me. Now, I may not be healing people physically, but God has used me to heal many people emotionally and spiritually with my written words and I wouldn't change a thing. By the way, I am currently an undergrad English major and I live and breathe writing! I think I would like to follow this blog. You can feel free to follow mine, though I don't post often. I get a little tied up with writing for school...lol.

  19. While the little stone cottage by the wild windy sea did not play out, I do live in a colorful, unkept house by a cold mountain lake and I haven't given up on the little stone cottage. As a child, I did so want to be a traveler and a writer and I have done/am doing both. But the missionary in Africa will have to make-do with the life on my page...

  20. My main passion is my photography. I do that on a daily basis and have never made a dime. I fully intend to continue with it even though it will probably never pay me.

    I had never intended to write, in fact I loathed english class in school (and fine arts for that matter, funny how things work out) but now I thoroughly enjoy sharing my story and reflections.

    Neither bring in income but both are key elements of my soul.

    Great post once again Debra, I always love reading them

  21. @ Patricia – Oh I believe you when you say you actually read medical journals and diagnostic manuals (when might mean that you are STILL a medical intuitive). Healing people emotionally and spiritually is a high call, and words can reach a wider range of people than just one individual at a time (though this is just an important). I’ll be over to visit you in a bit, and look forward to getting better acquainted through your writing.

    @ Cathy – It’s so funny that you stopped by and mentioned this, for when I wrote about you in this post I had no idea where you lived :) For all I know you might actually be living in said little stone cottage by the sea – I only surmised that this dream never played out in real life. On a different note; I’ve been pondering your last post every day. When I sit down to write and debate with myself over which idea to develop and run with, I remember that “the next thing always belongs.” The post, for me, is a keeper, and one I’ll be sharing .

  22. I would write, write, and write some more. This and design are my true pleasures.

  23. Yes, I will agree with Jess. . . write, write, and write some more! :-) xo

  24. @ Aaron, I just stopped by your place and saw those lovely flowers. All of your photos tell a great deal about you, about your soul. And all the shots have their own story to tell. It’s easy to see that this is a passion and pure joy for you.

    @ Jessica and Pamela – Write on! Always a pleasure to stop by and see where the muse has led you girls. In fact, I’m on my way over shortly. I have some catching up to do.

  25. Good Morning, Debra:
    AWESOME Post. Thanks for the mention. I'll second Finding One's Way comment:
    I too would once more write, write and write some more. So grateful my love of writing has been given back to me.

    Writing and reading and photography!
    Wow! To be able to make money from all three is a gift from the divine. I am TRULY blessed.

    Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
    Blessings to you.

  26. D - you are a sweetheart. Glad to have you in this space.

  27. @ Chris – May the arts continue to fuel your fire and may your heart for writing, reading, and photography shine on!

    @ Brenda – ditto!

  28. Hi Debra I am very lucky I do what I would do for free everyday.
    Photography!!! It is the time when I am at peace the most. It allows me to spend time with all that is beautiful and record it.
    Like I said I am lucky


  29. Jim, you are lucky to do what you love every day. Your photography is of such high quality that you surely could earn your living at it too. But what do I know about it… how many great photographers earn their wages, like artists of any genre, from following their bliss?

  30. Great thought provoking question! As a kid and into my late 20s I had a horse and loved riding and showing her. I wanted to go pro in the riding circuit. Then marriage and the kids came and the horse went for financial reasons. At 60 I decided to start riding again, went into training and purchased my lovely horse, Mica. She's my best confidant, we trail ride alone through 500 acres of peaceful, fragrant forest and win ribbons at horse shows. I trust her completely which is saying a lot since she weighs 1200 pounds and could easily spook and hurt me without meaning to. Brushing and caring for her is a zen-like experience. Having her nuzzle me is bliss. Being with her is "my" time.

    Then there's my family, photography, and gardening......

    I consider myself a very lucky woman!


  31. Mari - And a great response from you! I love this story, and will share it with my teenage daughter who has always wanted to live in the country and own a horse. She has taken riding lessons and even entered a junior rodeo, but she’s never had her own Mica to love and care for, to brush and groom. A pipe dream? I don’t know. I do own land in the country but we live in the heart of town. You are a blessed woman who is living her dream. Cheers to you and Mica!

  32. What I will probably do until the last breath escapes my body is continue to extol the virtues and adventures of Erin. I was thinking the other day that if I was to win the lottery thus I could quit my day job and concentrate on getting our adventures published as well a children's picture book series. Whether I get a penny or not, it's my honor to share Erin's story!!!

    Once I win the millions I'll be hiring for many positions so get those resumes ready :)

  33. David – Trust me when I say this: you need to follow this dream and publish Erin’s stories as children’s literature because there is a market for this, and the field is wide open. Plus you already have so many adventures written, so the next step would be to sit down and adapt them each for the age group you want to target. Also you should read a few children’s illustrated books and then you’d realize without a doubt that all it takes to make your dream a fait accompli is to just do it.

  34. Debra: I have always followed my dreams. I am very fortunate to have a wife who shares them. We never focused our attention on money, which is only a means to an end. We focused on the dream.

    I figured out years ago that most people do not want money. They want what they perceive money can get them. I aimed for the goal, not the means to it. It always worked for me.

  35. JJ – You’re one of the few who focuses on the dream and not the money. The happiest people on earth are those who have vision regardless of the monetary reward. It’s the journey that counts after all.

  36. I love to influence. I know that when I've influenced someone, I've done what I'm called to do...

  37. Ever since I had a personal experience of the immensity and passion of God's love for us, my soul's greatest desire has been to share that knowledge with the world. During that 45 minute experience, the only thing I said to God was, "I've got to tell them. Help me to tell them!" over and over. That was about 20 years ago, and that flame has never died.

    So, I can and do write my blog for free, and my payment is ample both in reader response, and in drawing closer to God, my Best Beloved. It's a beautiful journey, an exciting daily adventure of learning to trust when I have no idea what the next post will be about, or when the words will arrive. And then when they come, the beauty and love and wisdom amazes and humbles me as I learn right along with my readers.

    I wouldn't mind trading in my body for a model with less rust and decay, but I would never trade my life and my closeness with the Divine for anything.


  38. Orea, I had that same experience in September of ’93, or at least something that sounds very similar to yours. For days afterward, even weeks later, I was on a kind of strange high that can only be described as sublime. Hopefully I will write about this transcendence one of these days, but it seems almost too ineffable to describe. It was like my feet weren’t completely touching the ground. And I felt the urge to hug complete strangers in the grocery store… but thankfully I had enough awareness of how strange this would seem that I held back. And though this euphoria has faded, the reality of God’s boundless love remains. Aren’t you grateful to now have a platform in which to share the love and wisdom you have received? I like to go with the flow too, and simply let what is before me lead the way.

  39. I have been a "starving artist" and I have been a well-paid "corporate slave" ... my CURRENT DRIVING AMBITION is to be a WELL-PAID ARTIST -- SO BE IT!

  40. Linda, SO BE IT! Hats off to a FORMER fellow starving artist!

  41. Thanks Debra for this blog entry. I am 24 and I just graduated April this year with a Masters degree in Medical Physics....sometimes I still wonder if I am in the right career path. 'Right' in terms of is this something that I really want to do, something that will make my soul happy and dancing w/ joy and not just because of the motivation of a nice pay check...

    What I really wanted to be is an astronaut but there's no such course here in the my country that will make me one and I can't afford to study abroad for such dream.

    But, like Jessica here in your post, I wish I can be successful in continuously seeking to explore the unknown and soaring to heights unseen, 'metaphysically speaking'. ;-)

  42. Krissa, Medical Physics! Have you always been gifted in the sciences? If Einstein and Marie Curie and the likes of these are your heroes, then you may have discovered your call in life after all. I hope that this chosen career does bring dance-with-joy happiness to you.

    And if perchance it doesn’t, then keep exploring the world of words. And remember these words of Marie Curie. “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.”

  43. After spending twenty years in the Air Force I am now an administrative pastor who loves his job; I never met an Excel sheet I didn't love! A friend of mine likes to ask the question to people seeking direction, "If you could press a button and be doing anything what would it be?" I often think of this question and I always picture myself at Starbucks, coffee in hand, typing furiously away on an iPad quoting Voltaire to anyone who will listen, lol.

  44. Bill, it sounds like you’re in the right place as administrative pastor. Sounds like a custom-tailored position that was destined to be fulfilled after the 20-year Air Force career.
    I just stopped by and read “Speak your words of destiny that God has already declared over your life.” This happens to be a subject over which I am passionate, for I believe in the uniqueness of each individual, created with a plan, purpose, and destiny in mind.

  45. My dreams changed when I met Christ. My will became His will. My desire became His desire.

    Right now, in this season, I am doing His will. Raising children who know and love Him in all things.

    When this season is over, I will ask for a new dream :-)

  46. Lisa, motherhood is the highest call of all. And a top 25 homeschooling blogger too!

    Woman, how divine your mission
    Here upon our natal sod!
    Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
    Always to the breath of God!
    All true trophies of the ages
    Are from mother-love impearled
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

  47. First, I am always in awe of the amazing comment activity that you have, Debra! I love seeing other bloggers experiencing such a loyal following.

    Second, what would I do for free? Write. Love. Hug. Plant flowers. Hold hands with people I love. Cook. Paint/sketch/crochet...to name just a few. Isn't it fascinating that the first three words that came to mind for me are the three things that I know in my Soul I excel at doing? If we speak without self-censoring, the truth that comes forth is very powerful. I was born to write, as we've discussed before; I come from such a loving foundation that I know, without a doubt, that my ability to love is very strong; and hugs...well, they're an offshoot of that foundation of love that I express physically.

    I love visiting your writing house, Debra!

    Much love,


  48. Dawn, first a word in response to your comment on fellow blogging friends who take the time to leave meaningful feedback - some of which have inspired sequels. It’s funny you should mention this because today I worked on a draft based on a comment you made some time ago. Now you just have to come back and see what you said :) I can’t say when I’ll ‘git-r-done’ because I just returned from pondering your most recent post and read how you needed to wait until the time was ripe to publish. So that’ll be the same scenario for me most likely.

    It is interesting that the first three things you named are your strong points: write, love, and hug. This line is a keeper – and don’t be surprised if I quote you on this in the near future. “If we speak without self-censoring, the truth that comes forth is very powerful.” I shall keep this in mind when writing from this day forth. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs!

  49. Oooh... This was a good post! Hands down, I'd have to answer "arrange and record music that God gives," and minister to hearts of those around me, by sharing whatever He gives, for His glory. (*John 15:5*)
    Over the years, I've noticed that when the Lord has taken the "time to play" away from me, to not be able to sit down and just "play music," I personally felt lost and empty...but it was during those time that He began to show me that the music must not be the focus, but rather, the One Who gives the message AND the music is to be my priority. . .and those times became "times of pruning"---and whenever He gives the opportunity to play again, the music He gives is much sweeter, fuller and richer.
    So if we have "down times" when we're not able to express our gifts- be they writing, music, or whatever---consider the down time to be a time of pruning!! God's going to bring it back~~only much fuller, richer, and sweeter than ever before!

    "The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."
    Psalm 28:7
    tammi :)

  50. I look forward to seeing what springs forth from this communication thread, Debra! I, too, thought the comment that struck you was a dynamic one - “If we speak without self-censoring, the truth that comes forth is very powerful.” In fact, I saved it to my Drafts folder as soon as I posted here! It will be interesting to see where we both go with that thought. Quite often, I garner inspiration in this very way, from conversations with my fellow bloggers. Loving you, Debra!

    ~ Dawn

  51. @ Tammi - Yep, producing and arranging music is a gift you have. It’s so soothing and calming, so inspiring and reassuring... and above all, it is a reflection of His creativity. I have a framed print in my studio that says, “The arts are a reflection of God’s creativity, an evidence that we are made in the image of God.” It’s a picture of a violin, paint brushes, and pink satin ballet shoes. No matter what the gift or call, it should always mirror His creative image.
    Pruning, yes – without which we cannot bear much fruit. You must know of what you speak experientially. It sounds as if you’ve recently been through this yourself? Count it all joy girlfriend!

    @ Dawn – The post I mentioned is forthcoming, and still needs LOTS of work. I’m like you; I always want my posts to be timely. And I want them to be RIPE.

    But about your quote - “If we speak without self-censoring, the truth that comes forth is very powerful” – you won’t believe what happened...
    Today I received an email from a fellow blogger (and a decent writer at that). She was struggling with something I’d imagine all writers who blog must face. Who is my audience anyway? And do I write ‘top forty’ just because it’s popular, or do I write from my authentic vision? And so I thought your quote was an amazingly appropriate answer to her question. This conversation today even prompted yet another future post on this subject. The beauty of blogger interaction on a deeper level than “Great Post! –or even worse; “nice post :) – has opened my eyes to many new post options and ideas. Loving you right back!

  52. Debra, you always have a way with getting me deep into thought....

    When I was a little girl would play with my baby dolls for hours on end. Well wouldn't cha know here I am today a mom of 5 children and 2.5 grandchildren, and I was a preschool teacher for years.

    What do I do for pure pleasure and would continue to do even without being paid? hmmm I write... I enjoy it. But if I had the resources I'd open up a preschool of my own.


  53. Debbie , When I think of motherhood this quote comes to mind. “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love.”

    Playing with dolls is a sure indicator that you were called to be a mommy – and now a grandmother. I know you love that darling baby girl… and how you must miss her :) BTW, how are you doing these days? How is life treating you?
    I can see you as a pre-school teacher.

    Being a writer is one the highest salaried jobs too... since the payment is pure joy.

  54. I write for Him and I have a growing ministry in quilting. I know I'm right where God wants me right now and I'm the happiest I've been at any point in my life. Hearing Him say "well done thou good and faithful servant" when I die will be payment enough. I am an unprofitable servant.

  55. Debra, I have a confession to make and it's this: I love reading your blog right after dinner when the carbs are making me sluggish because I know that whatever you've written, is going to jumpstart the neurons in my brain into action. Your posts are like brain aerobics! I love your thought provoking posts! I really do! As for your question, I would write even if I didn't get paid. Wait a minute, I do write and I don't get paid! :) I'm passionate about photography and that's another thing I would definitely do. The way I see it, both are mediums that open the doors to creativity and imagination. And once you're able to see a work in progress, you can't wait to see what the finish product will look like!

  56. @ Laura – To be the happiest you’ve been at any point in your life must mean that you are in the center of God’s will for you. And oh, those quilts! What a blessing to have this skill and talent. Just wanted to let you know that I checked out Wentworth County Quiltworks and, yes, I have to agree that this is quite a unique ministry you have. How beautiful!

    @ Bella – Thank you for the compliment :) Are my posts really like brain aerobics? I just know that I enjoy feedback from all of you; the connections I’ve made have inspired me all the more.
    You have such a distinctive comedic style, and how on earth can you keep up this liveliness? There’s always an element of fun and playfulness. I’m sure most of your readers leave with a lighter heart than when they came. Your words and photography are uniquely yours, full of imagination and joy.


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