Tuesday, February 18, 2020

O my Soul…

Where do you want to go now?
I have sprung you
From my old musty rooms
Of graven idols
Of mildewed missals
Of cold crying walls
My self-styled temples
Of robotic creeds and
Unfinished levitations.
The sparrow has sung
Itself hoarse
The smell of fraud gone
The dust of dogma
Swept by the broom of
Wild revelations
My dying rainbows
Now merry with color!
O my sweet Soul…
Let’s just stay here
There is nothing out there
For inside me sleeps
A hundred Universes
Suns and Stars and Saints
Attended only by the Breath
Of the Breath of GOD.
~ Maya Teague

Maya is a mystically inclined mom, besotted with the Beloved, divorced from the material world, on a quest to find her Highest Self.


  1. Wow! What beautiful and inspiring verse here, Debra. Thanks for sharing Maya's words with us.

  2. I especially like the second stanza: 'stay here, inside me'. I would certainly say this to my soul too.
    We should all have a dialogue of some kind with our soul.

    1. Indeed, a soul dialogue is a constant for me, and also prevalent in the Psalms. Blessings!

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    1. I'm not sure if I ever took place in those conversations. My success story is being written already. As for using the unconscious part of the brain, I use it more than most, since I'm writing a book on dreams, among others inner works. Blessings!

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