Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Remnant

Title: The Remnant
Author: Monte Wolverton
Pages: 272
Year: 2016
Publisher: Plain Truth Ministries Worldwide

The apocalypse, or the Final War of 2062, has come and gone, leaving in its wake mass devastation and the death of ninety percent of the world’s population.  Consequently, the World Federation seizes total control and bans all religion, Bibles, and sacred literature. Those who won’t renounce their religion are consigned to labor camps. 

In the year 2131, Grant, his small family, and a handful of others, escape from their work camp through an underground tunnel and venture out into the “Wilderness” in search of a community of likeminded believers. On their pilgrimage they meet their share of wackos and founders of bizarre cults from whom the team has the good sense to flee. 

The Remnant is a page-turner, reminiscent of The Road, The book of Eli and The Walking Dead – only with raptors instead of zombies.  If you enjoy science fiction set in a dystopian society - with scattered doses of comic relief - conversations on philosophical theory, religion and spiritually, be sure to check this one out. The only drawback that I could find is that the author could have used a good editor.  

Monte Wolverine is an author, minister, and syndicated cartoonist. 

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